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V6 - V8 Swap

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Default V6 - V8 Swap

Hello all, I'm back with another inquiry.

Now, first thing first....YES, I know that buying the GT is cheaper, YES I know that buying a donor car is cheaper, and YES I know that the general opinion of people in the world is that it's not worth it.

so please don't answer my question with any of the above, sorry for any offense, I've been searching and searching for the answer and all I can find are threads on every other car forum and the like with millions of posts about, "Buy the GT, you'll save money"

I'm dead set on the swap, no talking me out of it, money is not a problem.

Now, I have a 2000 3.8L sixxer, and I've just found a 302 V8 out of a 1988 F-150 for dirt cheap and I'm trying to figure out if I would want to buy it.

Anyway, my question(s) is this...

Will it bolt up to the T5 transmission, no problem and questions asked?

quick replies would be nice but I understand.
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Anthony Litterilla stangant232

The answers you state are in the response to the 4.6L usually.. totally pointless swap that engine is horrible...

If your going to do a v8 swap do the simple swap, you will be much happier with the result.. my recommendation is to go ahead and either build a carb'ed big block with a blower on top or find a crate engine that you like. At that point you can take out p/s and a/c and have an awesome simplistic modern style car.

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Old 12-25-2011, 11:58 PM   #3
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although I appreciate the response and advice, I'd just like to know what I asked about the motor I have lined up at the moment, anything else isn't very relevant to me right now because I have to know if I'm going to buy this motor tomorrow, and if I don't then I have a lot more time to decide what I want to do with my car and the time to decide if I want to do what you suggested

outside of that, I just need to know if the T5 from a 2000 3.8L V6 Mustang will bolt up to a 1988 5.0L V8
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Old 12-26-2011, 12:53 AM   #4
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If you're dead set on a V8 swap and money is not a problem, don't waste time going with a stock 88 5.0. It won't make much more power than your V6. Torque will be a bit better.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for motor swaps. And if you say money isn't an issue, then you have a few options. You can get that 302 and build the snot out of it, or you can find a 351 and build that. That's a better option and shouldn't be that much more expensive. Big blocks will probably be harder to find and more expensive, also more of a complicated swap.

Now if you really wanna make some serious power and have a badass and slightly more unique car, go with an LSX motor. I don't know how you feel about a GM in a Ford, but let me tell you, there's no feeling like driving an LSX powered car. I don't care what the Ford fanboys say, nothing can hold a candle as far as dollar for dollar power and simplicity to an LSX. Put it this way: it took ford 14 years to build a motor (2011 Coyote 5.0) in a Mustang that can compete with technology from 1997.

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Old 12-26-2011, 12:59 AM   #5
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Originally Posted by Xemeth View Post
You can get that 302 and build the snot out of it
this is essentially what I'm planning on doing, I'm not going to swap it right away, I just want to know if it'll bolt up

Originally Posted by Xemeth View Post
I don't know how you feel about a GM in a Ford

that's all there is to that option haha, that's borderline sacrilegious for me, being a diehard 'stang fan, I wouldn't be respected driving it around, no matter how much power it's pushin, just not what I'm looking to do
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You need a 94-95 k member. Acc drive, rad, computer if you keep efi, but it doesn't matter because the car won't pass emissions any way. There is a thread on here somewhere about it. It would be easier to do a 4v 5.4 swap, and you would get more power, or I would atlas start with a 351

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I don't think an 88 truck motor would be the best foundation to build upon. Unless you are planning to go with different heads and intake along with a fresh rebuild, then a used truck motor probably isn't the way to go. I recently went shopping for a new 5.0L for my SSP, and I located a freshly rebuilt motor for DIRT CHEAP. Now putting another 5.0L in my 85 isn't a big deal, as the car was built for it. But you need to determine if your car will pass emissions after your proposed swap. The requirements vary by state.

Good luck!
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LOL. When you say "cheap", they'd better be paying you to take it.

Money isn't a problem, then planning on swapping in the cheapest underpowered excuse for a V8 Ford made - that acutally doesn't make more power than the current V6. And after all is said and done won't be street legal or able to be covered by auto insurance.

If you need info, I would suggest NOT telling us what to answer.
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If money isn't a problem as stated above, do a 4v swap from a 03/04 cobra. Why are you dead set on a slow *** 5.0 motor from a truck? If it's going to be a track car, which it will be if you do this swap (won't smog/insure) you might as well do a 351 stroker setup and make the knuckle busting worth it. I really hope you reconsider, by the time you do this swap, you would of wished you just slapped a pro-charger on your six and called it a day(would still be a decently fast/fun ride), which would decimate a stock 302 conversion ANY ways.
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for those of you wondering why in the world I would go for a 302, and for the second or so time of saying it

I need to know because I found one, no other reason, I don't need to know what you think I should do, I don't need to know if the new V6's make better power than an 88 302 does, I don't even need to know what you think of the swap I'm thinking about, because here's the thing

I already know this stuff. I've been told here, and read it everywhere else I've tried to find the answer to my question and it seems the only thing anyone can ever do is offer their opinion instead of answering a question.

WHAT I NEED TO KNOW is will the 302 from an 88 F-150 bolt up to a T5 transmission

is it that hard to answer a simple question? The closest I got to a decent answer was from mustangman02232, even though it didn't answer the main thing I want to know

I don't plan on swapping it right away. My V6 isn't done for, however it's not in mint condition and has a lot of problem, so I don't see it lasting for more than a couple more years. I plan on driving the V6 until it physically can't move the car anymore, then is when I'll do the swap. Now, I am not dead set on a 302 swap, I am set on a swap, but the displacement is variable, it really doesn't matter to me. I'm trying to figure out whether or not to buy this motor that I've found because there aren't that many around here for this cheap. A 302 around here is usually upwards of 200 bucks, this one I can get for 100, and if I decide I don't want to put it in or it's in worse shape than expected then I can simply just take it to the scrapyard and only lose 30 bucks which isn't much at all. If I do buy it and put it in my stang, I have the means to rebuild it, new heads and all, and that's what I intend to do. All I want to know now, is will the tranny bolt up to the 302 that I may buy, this way I can know if it will fit in someday if I decide to use it and whether or not I should buy the damn thing.

all of your input is appreciated, really, however I'm not interested in what you think I should do because frankly I'm just trying to decide what I'm going to do NOW, and not talk about what kinds of things I could be doing if I found the right motor for the right price

hopefully that may have been clear enough to get an answer
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