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jthorn9 04-30-2007 11:58 AM

Bad Boys of the V6 Forum
The thread is simple. Post up your current mod list of your sixer. Don't include what you're gonna do, or what you'd like to do, only include what you have purchased that's on the car or waiting to go on as you can always follow back up on your post. ONLY POST YOUR LIST, NO REPLYS!!!

Also, in addition to your list, make a DOs, and DON'Ts list. In other words, list what you liked about your set up in the DO area, and what you're kicking yourself in the rear end for in the Don'ts. Yet again, don't list things you don't have. This is for those of you that love your exhaust set up in comparison to others, but you're kicking yourself in the rear end for getting a bad x pipe, ebay CAI, or just whatever you've done you regret doing so.

A few, not a lot, but a few pics would also be nice so people can see what these mods will look like on their ride.

The reason for this thread is so that people can learn from other people and see what others are doing.


jthorn9 04-30-2007 12:13 PM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
I'll get started using my old 1998 Mustang V6. I don't have it anymore, but it's a good baseline for new members and others to follow.

Ebay Cold Air Intake w/ K&N Filter
56mm BBK Throttle Body
Ported/Polished Upper Intake Only
ASP 24% Reduction Underdrive Pullies

Red 9mm Spark Plug Wires

Diablo Predator Tuner (custom tuned)

94-98 V6 Off Road X Pipe
Steeda MIL Eliminators
Magnaflow GT Cat Backs 94-98

3.73 Motive Gears
Motive Bearing Kit
23 Tooth Speedo Corrector Gear
Ford Racing T-Lok Limited Slip Differential for 7.5" Rear Ends

14" Steeda Shortie Antenna
17" Saleen Replica Chrome Rims

Sony X-Plod Stereo
4 5" X 7" Boston Acoustic Speakers
Sealed Dual Sub Box
2 10" JL Audio W2 Subs
1200 W Sony Pro Series 2 Channel Amp
8 Gauge Power Amp PowerCable

Pros - The Magnaflow Exhaust sounded awesome. When I had the car on the dyno, the sound was extremely impressive, so impressive the shop owner said that's got to be the best exhaust he's ever heard on a sixer. Nice and deep and mellow down low, but fairly loud up top with little sound loss, in other words, you don't get as much of that V6 sound in their exhaust as other brands tend to get. The Diablo tune also drastically improvedmy automattic transmission. It only made 5 rwhp on the dyno, but the gains by the tranny made it so worth the cost. My custom tuning also helped out a lot as well. Boston Acoustic speakers were also a nice addition, just wish I had a better stereo at the time.

Cons - The ebay CAI was one of my biggest mistakes I made with that car. It wasn't one of the $25 cheapies, but it wasn't name brand either. There were no fitting issues, but the chrome faded on the CAI after 2 or so months, and within a year the blue hoses begain to dry rot, and the chrome hose clamps started to fade as well as corrode. Another don't was my Sony stereo. While Sony makes great stuff, their stereo equipment is crap. My amp is OK, but that stereo was crap. I did like how you could do a lot of in depth tuning, but the power wattage was so low, I had to drastically turn down my power on my subs just so I could hear my speakers. Also, while the 14" shortie antenna looked nice, it was just not practical if you live over 30 miles away from the broadcast tower, because my signal was cut in half, along with the height, like I said, looks great, but should really only be used for show if you live away from the city.

Suggestions -In my 5.0 I have an Clarion flip out stereo, which allows for decent tuning, but the amp inside the Clarion is much more powerful than others I've heard. If you're running subs, you could still use a separate amp to power the speakers, but the built in amp the Clarion has is still pretty good. I now run a BBK CAI in my 5.p, which is light years above my old ebay CAI in my sixer, 3 years old and still looks good as new.

jovez 04-30-2007 12:49 PM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
2000 3.8 Last upated 4/11/09

CAR SOLD 10/30/09

Kenne-Bell CAI
Ported/Polished Upper intake
Ported/Polished Lower intake with EGR's smoothed.
Mac Longtube headers
Mac O/R H
Flowmaster dumped b4 axle

Screamin demon coil pack
Red9mm Stangwires(plug wires)

Xcal-2, 91 oct, custom tuned by Justin@VMP

4R70W with TransGo Shift kit

'93 GT rear sway bar
SteedaStrut tower brace
Ford racing front cobra brakes

mach1 grill delete
'07 18" Roush rims wrapped in
BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW's265's in front/295's in rear
Cobra R front bumper
ABC X styling bar
01+ style smoked headlights w/ sylvania silver stars
rear bumper black lettering
liscence plate surround
232 badging
V6performance badge on deck lid

Interior/Audio: .

Legacy custom seats
Redline shift boot
Redline arm rest cover
UPR shift knob
GrandDesigntrunk mat
2x12" infinity subs
Dual headunit
2x2" infinity tweeters (flush mounted on sail panels)
5x7 fosgate speakers in fronts
6x8 pioneers in rear
Powered with Sony Xplod 1200 watt amp
Farad Cap

Cick here for more pics:

dhuskers_11 04-30-2007 01:58 PM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
1999 3.8 52k miles

K&N Intake
Custom Dual Exhaust
Currently installing twin turbo kit from tmaturbo
Waiting on my 4.3 long rod stroker from SSM

Blue 9mm Stangwires

SCT Xcal2

Roush Springs
Tokico Shocks/Struts

Aluminum Driveshaft
Motive 3.45 Gears
Detroit Tru Trac

V6 Roush Cluster
Waiting to to put in 03-04 Cobra seats


18" Konig Beyonds
Shaved emblems and antenna
03-04 Cobra front bumper
Mach 1 cpillars
Mach 1 hood
Mach 1 grill delete
Bullit side scoops
Kaminari side skirts(Changing to cobra skirts and mirrors when i get the time)
05+ PMP rear conversion
Black housing clear corners headlights
8000k HID headlight and cobra foglight kit with matching led turn signal bulbs

Kenwood Headunit
Kenwood Speakers all around
Mtx TA7801 Amp
10" Mtx Thunder 9500

amrcnidyot 04-30-2007 02:23 PM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
2000 3.8

Ebay Cai
Custom mid pipe with force mufflers and gt tailpipes
Diablo Tune
Windstar upperintake purchaced sitting beside me but not on the car yet

Roush Springs


17x9 chrome 03 cobra wheels
ford billet alum fuel door
8" shorty antenna
01-04 headlights
gt hood scoop (soon to be replaced with the shaker also sitting beside me)
232 badges
cobra side scoops
custom rocker molding extentions
mach 1 chin spoiler
mach 1 grill delete
spoiler moved back
blacked out rear reflectors
blacked out tail ligts
blacked out rear center panel
vinyl "stainless steel" mustang inserts
custom rear pony badge
ford tinted windows
roush rear valences

painted same color as car in very few spots
white faced speedo gauges
white faced ac gauges
custom cig lighter delete

TheMichiganRA 04-30-2007 02:42 PM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
1 Attachment(s)
'03 Torch Red Auto Coupe

-Engine Mods-

Super Six Motor sports Stage 3 ported heads with 1.90/1.50 stainless steel valves.

RPM ported full access upper and ported lower intake manifolds.

ASP pulley


17 X 9 Enkei RPF1s wrapped in 245/45/17 Goodyear Eagle GT


Ceramic pads.


Tinted windows.

-Near Future Mods-

Pace setter long tubes (with EGR), O2 extenders, Pypes high flow ceramic cats, Steeda side exhaust with a VMP SCT tune.

Mach I / Bullitt Brakes

--Later Project--

M112 Kit (Still piecing together)

MACHJUAN 04-30-2007 02:56 PM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
2004 3.9 238CI---- name is Juan, PM me with questions

Motoblue Under drive pulleys
Aluminum Driveshaft
65 MM BBk TB/ ported inlet
Ported upper and lower intakes
k&n cold air intake
VMP Tuned
Flow master 40 series catback
3/8 intake manifold spacer
Mac Lts
BBK h-pipe hi flow cats

Gt rear sway bar
Nitto 555’s- fronts-245/45/17 Rears 275/40/17
Steeda super-lite springs

FRPP t-lok

luminics Ultrawhite bulbs
SCT badge
03 cobra side scoops
3.9 Badge
1999 Cobra bumper
Mach 1 chin spoiler
CDC honeycomb
1999 OEM spoiler
MUSTANG bumper decal
8-inch Fixed Black Antenna
Mustang License Plate Frames
Mach 1 Grill delete
Black Bullitt rims
Rear Side Marker Tint
Fog black-out vinyl
Smoked tail-light tint
3rd Brakelight Blackout Vinyl
Baltimore hood Stripes

Polished Billet Mustang Window Switch Kit
Mach 1 instrument cluster cover
painted center console( silver metallic)
Painted mustang dash font(silver metallic)
Polished Billet Lock Pins
Steeda headlight Knob
Steeda Ac vent knobs
Steeda Shifter Bezel
Mac Gauge faces and a/c
Bullitt Racing pedals
Mach 1 shift knob
40th anniversary center console emblem
UPR radio knob

SilvrStang 04-30-2007 03:26 PM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
ASP Pulley
Hi Performance Cables

Diablo Tune

Custom H-Pipe
Hi Flow Cats
MAC Catback

4.10 Motive Gears
Motive Bearing Kit
Ford Racing T-Lok Limited Slip Differential for 7.5" Rear Ends

Eibach Pro Kit,Tokico Shocks/Struts

Shorty Antena
3.8+232 Badges
Blackout Tailights
Bumper Inserts
Mach 1 Grill Delete
Rear GT Bumper
17" GT Wheels
275s Evos Back,245s Evos Front
Stock Mach 460 sound system!

The best mod I did for my car were gears,Wow what a difference.

The worst mod I made was the CAI,really what a waste of money should of just bought a K&N filter.

As far as my future moding goes I am saving up for nitrous got about 400 now.

97tunedmustang 04-30-2007 04:23 PM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
1997 3.8l5 Spd

++Brand New Engine, New block
++Forged H-beam Rods
++Wiseco Pistons
++Forged Crank
++New heads
++Stiffer valve springs
++new brackets, pulleys, assys, etc
++Everything else is either new or aftermarket
-Vortech V2 S-trim Supercharger (16 lbs)
-Vortech high pressure fuel pump
-Vortech fuel pressure regulator
-42lb Ford Racing injectors
-AEM Wideband 6 in 1 UEGO
-Ford lightning 90mm Maf
-SCT Xcalibrator 2 Tuned by Lasota Racing
-Automatic to Tremec 5 Speed Transmission
-2.87 ASP S/C pulley
-V8's 4.6L Radiator
-MSD 8.5mm SuperConductor Ignition wires
-MAC Ceramicoated Longtube Headers
-MAC Offroad H-Pipe
-Mac 2.5" Catback with 3" stainless steel tips.
-K@N cold air filter charger kit
-Lightweight Aluminum Driveshaft

-10000K GP Thunder HID Kit
-8000k HID kit for Fogs
-GT Fogs with brackets
-Vertical Doors conversion
-Clear Headlights and Clear Corners
-Carbon Fiber Taillights
-Decal kit from
-Yellow painted calipers
-Yellow Accents inside
-Accent Convoluted Engine Tubing
-18' "Xirim Racing" rims
-245/40/ZR18 Nitto Neo Gens
-"Supercharged" emblem from Cobalt SS
-"SCT" emblem
-1.5' Billet aluminum rear wheel spacers

-Viper 791XV Remote Start
-Jensen 7" VM9510 In-Dash DVD player
-Black Sunvisors w/ 8" TFT Monitors
-A-pillar 2 Gauge Pod
-Autometer Cobalt Boost Pressure Gauge
-Indiglo white face reverse indiglo gauges
-Hifonics Brutus BX1200D 1200rms Class D Mono
-200 Amp Resettable Fuse Breaker for amplifier
-2 Kicker 12" CVR's , 1 Farad Cap

Coming Soon..
-3.73 gears
-Trak Lok (already have)

SOHCman 04-30-2007 04:46 PM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
2006 4.0

Pypes True Duals with "X" pipe and Street Pro mufflers

Ford T-LOC axle

GT Rear Bumper Cover
Pony Spinners
Silvania Silverstar bulbs
AutoBadges "245" Emblems

Absolutely love the sound of these pipes! V8 rumble at low speeds and idle (87db)
Blasting down the highway (95+dB)
Getting 1-2 MPG better mileage!
T-LOC is great fortraction!

I almosthave TOO much traction with the T-LOC and stock gears. Now I need a tuner!
Pulling out of the garage at 5:00 AM at 90dB.

LilRoush 04-30-2007 08:46 PM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
Ok, deep breath..... 2000 V6

Motor/Drive train: 4.2L fully forged short block, Crower cam, custom heads (by me), warmed over valve train,ported stock lower intake (by me), custom boxed upper intake (by me), ported Eaton M112, Cobra TB (port matched), ported inlet, 2.8" UPR blower pulley, 60 lb injectors, SVT fuel pump, custom fuel rail (by me), Lightning MAF, custom street legal exhaust running into Spin tech 333SCS mufflers (kicked out the sides), Ron Davis Aluminum radiator, Optima battery, A/C delete, Ram clutch, Tremec World Class T5 tranny, Roush Classic shifter, Eaton 7.5" rear end with FRPP 3.73 gears.

Suspension: Springs: 1050lb/inch fronts and650 lb/in rears (somewhere between 3 1/2 and 4" drop), Bilstein shocks/struts (Roush spec),Roush front sway bar, GT rear sway bar, Roush control arms, full array of Energy Suspension poly, Steeda X2 ball joints, Flaming River steering, Roush 13" slotted/cross drilled rotors at all four corners, Roush front calipers, hawk pads, SS lines

Roush Argents 18x9 front, 18x10 rear
265/35 BGF KD fronts, 295/35 BGF drags rear (drag strip) 295/35 BFG KD (road course)
'93 SVT- R 17" wheels for 'harder' track days with 275/40 Kumho 710s all the way around.

Outside: Roush Stage 1 aeropackage (Splitter, side skirts, rear skirts, 3 post wing), All Roush badging, Y2K Cobra R 2 1/2" cowl hood with functional heat extraction, '03 black head light housings

Inside: Roush carbon fiber trim, Roush floor mats, Roush Racing pedals, Roush badging, Autometer A pillar with boost and fuel pressure, Cobreau CR1 seats (bright blue) and harnesses (black), Sparco harness bar (full cage waiting to go in), rear seat delete, stereo delete, removed all "dead weight" (insulation, extra wires etc....), empty trunk with basic carpet for looks JACK ROUSH AUTOGRAPHED DASH

Plans: Cage waiting to go in, reworking full suspension this Spring, KB twin screw, two tone paint.

EDIT: I've had people comment that I say the seats are Corbeau CR1s, but in the pic with Jack signing the dash they are Forza seats from Corbeau. (Good eye to all who caught it.) This car has seen many changes over the years. I've run stock leather, both black and blue Forzas, '03 Cobras, '01 Cobras and am now running the blue CR1s in the car - and that's just the seats.Along with those changes it's hadthree sets of wheels on it, four suspension set ups, three hoods, four exhaust systems, two stereo set ups (prior to gutting it),four motors, two different power addersand a host of other junk that I decided against later on.

Pros: This thing outhandles almost anything I run it against. Lacks the power, but brakes and corners like a champ - which is usally the area of the track I can catch the other cars. Side exhaust is something I'd never go with out now. It cleans up the rear so well when doing suspension work. It is a great track car, and also made a good daily driver (which is why I bought it in the first place).

Cons: Not exactly a good daily driver any more. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. Wish I could make more power down lower in the RPM band. (Hense the KB unit going on.)

First two taken right before the 2006 Georga V6 Ford Challenge (MN to GA was a loooong drive in this thing)

Prior to my first Fun Ford Weekend back when I lived in Texas:

Jack in my car

TheMichiganRA 04-30-2007 10:45 PM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
Anyone else have mods to throw down?

tommy2273boy 04-30-2007 11:36 PM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
Procharger P1SC 8psi Pulley
Procharger Intercooler Upgrade
Procharger K&N Filter
SVT Focus Fuel Pump
Mach1 24# Injectors
14'x3' Radiator Fan
Custom Overflow Bottle

Screamin’ Demon Coil Pack
LiveWire Plug Wires
NGK TR-6 Spark Plugs

SCT Xcal2
Tuned by Pete C.

Pypes O/R X-Pipe
Steeda O2 Extensions
BBK O2 Extensions
GT Takesoffs Dumped
Pypes Hanger Kit
SLP 3.5' Rolled Tips

4.10 Motive Gears
Motive Bearing Kit

8" Shortie Antenna
16" Saleen Replica Chrome Rims
GT Hood w/ Hood Scoop
GT Clear Foglights
GT Side Scoops
Mach1 Chin Spoiler
Mach1 3pc Grille Delete
232& 3.8 Badges
Chrome Vinyl Bumper Inserts
MRT Gas Hood Shocks
FRPP C-Springs
Drilled and Slotted Rotors
Chrome FRPP Oil Cap
GT 24mm Rear Sway Bar
Sub-Frame Connectors

[/b]Auto Meter 30vac–20psi Phantom Boost Guage
Auto Meter 0-100psi Phantom Fuel Gauge
Gauge Works Cluster Bezel Dual Gauge Pod White Face Gauges
Silver Charcoal Trim

Pros – The Procharger pulls like a MoFo up-top. The car is black, it looks awesome.

Cons – GT Takeoffs drone when cruising. When I find a black GT Bumper, Ill run my tailpipes out the back. Power isn’t cheap.

Suggestions –Boost ASAP

Sparks232 05-01-2007 11:28 AM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
its not going to be much..... 2002 V6 5 Speedblack

Interior :
-Alpine CD player, amazing sound quality def recommend, makes the stock speakers sound alot better
-Pioneer Speakers, i would go with Boston Acoustics if i were to buyaftermarket onesagain

-232 badges -- ROCKS fast shipping and amazing customer service
let me say that is the BEST in the buisiness
-silver 'mustang' back bumper inserts, i would get the metel ones if i were to buy them again

- MAC cold air intake- looks good, i didnt pay for it, so it makes it even better! the rubber fittings are starting to crack, dont know if any other brand has better rubber seals.
- SPEC Stage 1 clutch- AMAZING learning experience putting it in myself, i would say go for it instead of paying somebody to do it, if you have a shop you can work at, or even have the right tools at your house. the clutch feels better than stock, grabbs alot harder and feelsmore crisp. but i would go stage 2 if i would have known how 'light' the pedal was going to feel, it feels lighter than stock. id like the stiffer pedal and more agressive feel of a stage 2 or 3 even if my car didnt have the power to need the stiffer clutch.
-MAC cat back. i would NOT pay somebody 350 bucks to put this system in again, i got totally ripped off, i would buy mufflers and have a shop custom make a midpipe and bend some duals for me, the macs sound good but i dont think they would sound good without cats. but just for a bolt on with the y... i have had many MANY compliments on the look and sound of it, and the duals look amazing with the tips, they are level with the ground, and ive seen some V6's with tips that point down, and i think that looks horrible. -STEEDA firewall adjuster, i love it, i can adjust where the friction point is on the travel of the clutch pedal. a PITA to install since you have to cut the old firewall plastic piece out, (a dremmel helps) but it was worth it.
-Brakes, do NOT get metal brake pads, i got em and HATE having to clean my wheels twice a day... go ceramic. im bout to buy ceramic just so i dont have to deal with it anymore. it sucks because i just spent 50 bucks on the other ones.

My greatest piece of advice, from this whole car experience that i have had, is attempt to do the work yourself, ask questions, ask so many questions that people get annoyed, just so you fully understand what to do. and try and do everything yourself, the things you will learn, and the confidence you will have after you do it, it feels so good to know that every part you put on your car, was done by you, and it works, you know the work was done right, so theres my little rant, ask people who know what they are talking about and get the hands and arms a little greasy!!!!!!

Durr727 05-01-2007 09:08 PM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
-Flowmaster Force II Catback (Previos)
-Flowmaster Original 40 Series Mufflers
-Custom Fabbed Off Road H-Pipe
-P.E.P. MIL Eliminators
-ASP Underdrive Pulley
-ASP Ribbed Pulley Belt
-Steeda Tri-Ax Short Throw
-Shifter Base & Handle Gasket
-K2 Motors CAI
-SCT Superchips Performance Custom Eliminator Performance Chip
-Diablosport Predator
_93 Octane Tune

-18x9 Chrome Saleens
-255/35-18 Federals
-1.25" Billet Spacers

-'232' Badges
-Flat Black Decklid Vinyl
-2" Spoiler Move Back
-UPR Billet A/C Knobs
-UPR Billet Headlight Knob
-Reverse-Glo White Face Gauges
-25% Tinted Windows
-Carbon Fiber Shift Knob
-Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
-Mach 1 Grille Delete
-GT Rear Bumper
-GT Side Scoops
-18x4" SS Magnaflow Exhaust Tips
-Antenna Delete

-H&R Super Sport Springs
-Blisten Shocks & Struts
-Maximun Motorsports 4 Bolt Caster Camber Plates

-JVC KD-AR3000 Head Unit
-Mp3 PlayerCable Hook-up
-4 Pioneer 3 Way 220W Speakers
-2 Infinity Tweeters
-2 12" Alpine Type R's
-2 12" Sony Explod's R.I.P.

Pros: I had no problems whatsoever with my ebay intake I bought from K2 Motors. It fit fine, and works just like every other intake. Its lost its luster slightly, but nothing big at all. The H&R springs were my best mod in my opinion along with the steeda short throw. The springs in combination with the blisten shocks and struts make this baby handle like a charm and the ride is very smooth and nice.Also removing the cats was the best move I could have made sound wise, minus the slight high pitch in the upper rpms.

Cons: The SCT performance chip fryed as soon as I did another mod to my car. Every time you "mess" with your car, it must be taken out and re-programmed for it to work good. Also the Sony Explod's were complete crap. They lived up to their name and exploded about a month or so after I have gotten them installed in a custom box for them to fit my trunk. Also the pulley is very hard to tell the difference for me from the stock pulley excpect at higher rpms in the later gears, I do feel more pull for sure.

TheMichiganRA 05-06-2007 06:53 AM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
I know there are more than 13 of us with mods....

ZZmustang 05-06-2007 08:01 AM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
To many to list

flash20 05-06-2007 01:01 PM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
75 dry shot
ported upper intake
ported lower intake
ported heads
bored out throttle body
4.10's gears
vmp tune
cold air intake
full exhuast with longtube headers and flows 40's series
3200 stall!

eibach prokit


01 cobra front bumper
carbon fiber gt hood *custom paint job*
black bullit rims all around
blacked out headlights
blacked out tail lights
black rear spoiler
eibach prokit?
shorty antenna
5 % tint all around

The best performance mods of course would have to be the enigne work it was like night and day.

Appreance wise my favorite is my cobra front bumper and carbonfiber hood.

right now im getting ready to install my venom nitrous kit and start off with a 50 shot and work my way up to 100.

i also plan on getting here in a about 2 weeks so with il keep yall updated:D

Greenx98xV6 05-06-2007 10:36 PM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
1998 3.8L 5sp - Green

Not too many mods as of now, will update as time goes by.

-65mm Throttle Body
-K&N Intake
-Underdrive Pulleys

-Eibach Lowering springs (being shipped as we speak)

-Multicolor L.E.D Foglights
-Multicolor L.E.D. underglow neon (Optix)
-Window decals - Bob White - "Mustang" on front window , Pony outline on rear window

-Green Neon lights all over the place

-Pioneer Super Tuner 3 head unit
-Pioneer 3 way 200 watt speakers (in doors, rear quarter panels, and on rear deck)
-312in MTX 7500 Subs
-2 1200 Sony X-Plod amps

If you are wondering about all the neon lighting, I do my own custom wiring work. Please don't think of me as a riccer with wires all over the place. I will have to say it is a nice clean look :-)

Within the next month, I plan to get 3.73 gears, and a racing clutch (unsure of what brand yet)

laserred02 05-07-2007 03:32 PM

RE: What's Your Mod List (See what others are doing)
K&N Filter w/silencer removed
SCT X-cal2 flash tuner programmed by Justin at

Screamin' demon coil pack
9mm Stangwires

GT Takeoffs w/o H-pipe

Steeda tri-ax

17" Bullitt rims OEM off an 03 GT
GT fog lights

Mach 1 suspension package
600 lb/in Front Springs 250 lb/in Rear Springs
Tokico Shocks and Struts
MM subframe connectors
Mach 1 rear sway bar
Mach 1 front sway bar (waiting to be installed)

Pros - The suspension is awesome, the car actually handles likes a sports car now. Body roll is nearly gone, understeer has been taken care of, and body flex was taken care of by the subframe connectors. The tri-ax makes shifting fun again. UDP gives a little more pep and a little better fuel economy, although that could be me driving more responsibly who knows.

Cons - Ebay CAI sucks, I will be taking it off when I get time. I will probably go with a K&N filter with silencer removed. (Done and much better)

Now that the suspension is done I need to save up for some real performance mods.

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