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Tell the world a little bit about your vehicle
The was my first vehicle ever. It was a wreck that turned into a project for me and my father to build. We got the car with 69,000 miles, wrecked in the front and has been sitting for four years next to a garage. The original owner only asked $600 for it. Me and my father then bought a 04' Cobra R, SN-95 Swap body kit, and custom molded it to the car, with aftermarket lights, wheels, ect. For a first car, I couldn't have asked for anything better. We decided to name the car Bane, because in the darkness, you can't see it. It's a stealthy but very angry vehicle. A lot of time and money was put into the vehicle, but I have the satisfaction knowing at 17, now 18 years old myself, it is of my own creation.

Engine/Drivetrain Modifications:
SLT Cold Air Intake, MSD 6AL Ignition Box, Custom Built Duel Exhaust with Thrush Glass-Pack muffler.

Wheels/Tires Modifications:
18 Custom 5-Spoke Rims.

Interior/Exterior Modifications:
All original, except Slide-out, touch-screen radio.

Future Modifications:
Super Six Motorsports Stage Three Power Pack, if not swapped with a 428 Roush Built Cobra Jet Engine. Saleen or Buullit styled rims with slotted brake rotors and Brembo calipers, Mac Long-Tube headers, Off road X-pipe, SLP Loud Mouth Resonators, Vortech Custom Twin-Turbo intake, 8.8, or 9" Rear swap.