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  By Detroit Steel   If you were considering purchasing that hot new 2015 Saleen 302 Black Label Mustang, you might want to read this first.  The company, known for putting out some pretty impressive mods on the pony car over the years, looks like it might be running out of steam.   Saleen Automotive is getting sued by its bank, owes its law firm money, and has been forced to pay contractors in company

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Marcus Slater Mustang Forums The LA Auto Show is one of the biggest, most lavish shows of the year. LA (and California in general) is a huge market for auto makers, so when they bring it, they bring it. That, apparently, also applies to the incredibly knowledgeable (and gorgeous) booth ambassadors. Is it suprising that they're most female? No, not really, but honestly we're not complaining. The floor was over run with sweating dudes

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