1000-HP, Supercharged Coyote Fox Body Capri Hits Drag Strip

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Stick-shifting drag racer says his Capri is so quick he doesn’t even remember the 1-2 shift. 

People have been drag racing the Fox body since it was introduced in the late 1970s. If you go to a drag strip on any given test-and-tune night, you’re bound to see a dozen of the things lurking around waiting to lay down a serious ET-per-dollar value.

Fox Body Coyote Capri

Even today, this generation of Ford sports coupe is among the best bang-for-the-buck racers available. Because they’re positively ubiquitous, some folks like to make their racers out of the more difficult to find Mercury variant. This version of the Capri name is essentially a Fox body Mustang with a rounded rear hatch and a revised front fascia. Does that make it faster or slower than a traditional Mustang? Not a chance.

While this car started out as a Capri with the high output 5-liter under the hood, it’s now rocking a modern Mustang’s Coyote 5.0 engine with a giant supercharger hooked up to the intake. With that belt-driven boost added, and a whole lot of other modifications, the owner claims it now pumps out a thousand horsepower, through the stock 8.8 rear end!


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To make things all the better, watch until the very end of the video and you’ll see that this is no pure racing machine. The owner of this car hauls a trailer with it, bringing along extra race tires, allowing him to swap out for street-legal rollers. He needs this because the car is driven to the race track exactly as it races. The windshield banner indicates that the car has competed in Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week in the past, and his 100-mile journey to get to the track for this video is testament to the car’s reliability and modern sensibilities. Does your street car have what it takes to knock down the competition at the strip and then drive home?

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