1/32-Scale Bullitt Chase Sure to be One of the Coolest Things Ever

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by John Coyle
Mustang Forums

OK, I’m a space cadet, and my personal list of “the coolest things ever” changes like 30 times a day. But this 1/31-scale remake of the legendary Bullitt chase scene has already earned a spot there. I mean, this is just the trailer–and look how awesome it is!

Sure, Steven McQueen wouldn’t care. He’d be too busy banging starlets, smoking cigarettes, racing Ferraris and being cool. But I honestly can’t wait to see the full version. For reference, I’ve posted the original below. Something tells me a mash-up is already in the mail…

What do you think? Am I delusional? Or is this going to be so wicked awesome that everyone’s head is going to explode? Sound off in the Forum!

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