Shelby FIA Cobra: Ride Like Racing Royalty

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1964 Shelby FIA Cobra

Sleek Shelby racer is one of 50 & comes with special billet anniversary badges, original style power coated wheels & a slick black interior.

Shelby American wanted to do something special to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the original Shelby FIA Cobra, so in 2014 they produced 50 continuations of the 1964 Shelby FIA Cobra roadsters that slayed on many tracks in the 1960s. This component racer, for sale at Classic Mustang, is only one of a few remaining. And while it will require work to be road ready, it is a project that is perfect for a true Cobra fanatic.

Carroll Shelby‘s great passion for racing was the fuel behind his winning turn at 24 Hours of Le Mans, as well as designing some of the finest cars for on and off the race track. The Cobra was the result of his collaboration with British carmaker AC Cars, Shelby married the chassis of their AC Ace with the power of the American V8. The result was a lightweight roadster with the brute force of a V8 powertrain that tore up the track; leaving Corvettes, Aston Martins, and Jaguars in its wake.

1964 Shelby FIA Cobra

This special 50th Anniversary edition was built by Shelby American to commemorate the man and his iconic Cobra. This particular model comes in a racing livery of Viking Blue with Artic White roundels. As a component car, is being sold as a finished rolling chassis and does not include a powertrain. It’s a perfect project car for the right Cobra fan, and includes a build sheet. This is a rare find where you can add the custom details you want for maximum style and performance, and it will still cost considerably less than a 1964 Shelby Cobra. Also, it’s awesome.

The Cobra, VIN #CSX79XX has a 289 under the hood, and manual transmission. It comes with special billet anniversary badges, original style power coated wheels, a slick black interior, and a variety of additional options, including a choice of a team color stripe of the buyer’s choosing across the nose.

1964 Shelby FIA Cobra

Other amenities include the period correct console, AM/FM radio, power steering, and fender tag. Buyers can arrange to have work done by authorized dealers, or undertake these projects themselves.

It is a great fit for the right Shelby Cobra enthusiast who wants a piece of the Golden age of Carroll Shelby’s racing legacy.

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