1965 Ford Mustang GT350R Race Car Is the Sum of All Dreams

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She may not be an original GT350R, but for Carroll Shelby’s sake, she’s one of hottest pieces of sheetmetal we’ve ever seen!

Regardless of which generation pony car you’re fondest of, we think most enthusiasts would agree that the 1965 Mustang is one of the models to own. If you don’t currently feel that way, you might reconsider after you watch this video, courtesy of Vanguard Motor Sales.

A perfect 1965 Shelby GT350R tribute.

What you see here is a 1965 Mustang GT350R replica, or as they advertise it, a “recreation.” Whatever you’d like to call it, it goes without saying that whoever commissioned this build has impeccable taste in cars. The listing is a mouthful, but it does reveal a lot about this hot pony car: Ford 302 V8, Toploader 4-speed, Carroll Shelby, Holman Moody. Got all that?

The first clue that this isn’t an original Shelby GT350R is the price. At “only” $89,900, this bad boy is a “bargain” by most serious collectors’ standards. But just because it’s a replica doesn’t mean it lacks charm or period correct features. For example, the interior door panels feature the same aluminum material used in the original race cars, while the windows feature an old-school strap to raise and buckle them in position.

1965 Shelby GT350R tribute.

Inside, leather seats with race harnesses keep the driver in place, while the rest of the instruments and controls look to be period-correct. Needless to say, it looks like a very special place to be. Under the hood is a Ford 302 V8 fed by a Holley four-barrel carb, connected to a Toploader four-speed manual transmission.

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While we could go on about this sleek ride and the sound of its motor, the experience is best enjoyed visually and audibly. So check out and the video and let us know how many times you had to talk yourself out of cashing-in your 401k!

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