2001 and 2008 Ford Mustang GT Bullitt: An Official Trim (Part 2)

The 2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt, like the movie car, was simply a “S-95 New Edge” Mustang GT with some styling changes on the inside and outside along with a slight increase in power due to a different intake manifold. The exterior of the Mustang Bullitt featured a brushed fuel door, blacked-out “coral” around the pony […] More »

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1968 Ford Mustang GT Bullitt: McQueen in Highland Green (Pt 1)

The 1964 Ford Mustang entered the automotive world and became an instant success, offering a fairly inexpensive and fun 210hp V8 engine inside something brand new. The Mustang found its way onto television, magazine covers, and even the head of the field at the Indianapolis 500 in its first few years. Few of those appearances […] More »

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2002, 2003, and 2004 Ford Mustang: The Terminator, The Mach 1 and The End (part 3)

Few changes were made for the 2002 Ford Mustang aside from the addition of new color options and a new steering wheel wrap for standard Mustangs. Ford did upgrade the sound system in the 2002 Mustang GT with a powerful new Visteon Mach 1000. In the US, the standard Cobra was left off the slate […] More »

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2000 and 2001 Ford Mustang: Back with a Bullitt Mustang (Part 2)

The 2000 Ford Mustang was the second year of the New Edge Mustang. People were surprised to see the lack of a Cobra option that year, an absence perhaps due to the power output issue of the 1999 Mustang Cobra.  There were no changes to the exterior of the 2000 standard or Mustang GT, with […] More »

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1999 Ford Mustang: The New Edge Mustang (part 1)

The 1999 Ford Mustang officially marked the 35th anniversary of the classic muscle car and the beginning of a new era with yet another redesign.  While the prior generation, the SN95, put the Mustang back atop the pony car market, the rest of the performance car market swelled up around the Mustang’s success with entries […] More »

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