Ford releases information about the 2011 Mustang!

The LA Auto Show is less than a week away and with it, the unveiling of the 2011 Ford Mustang engine lineup.  This morning, Ford issued the first piece of information about the new Mustang powerplants and while they have only announced specs on the V6-this first piece of news is a step in the […] More »

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The Ford Mustang at SEMA 2009

The popularity of the specialty and project Mustang at SEMA is a tried and true tradition. Here is a slideshow of what we saw, including the Ford Mustang and a Ford GT.

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SEMA 2009: The 1934 Ford EcoBoost 3-window coupe

Many people passed by this 1934 Ford three window coupe at SEMA, paying more attention to the blinged out Mustangs and Foci packed around it – or perhaps they were too busy watching the boys from Galpin Auto building that classic green Mustang in the background.  In any case, I saw a great many people […] More »

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SEMA 2009: The Magnaflow Foose Mustang

Starting in May 2009, Chip Foose, Magnaflow Performance Exhaust, and PowerBlockTV teamed up to created a one-of-a-kind 2010 Ford Mustang to be awarded by means of a random drawing.  The Foose Mustang featured a paint design by Chip Foose, and Mr. Foose was in the Magnaflow display this year at the SEMA Show to help […] More »

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SEMA 2009 Gallery: The many faces of the 2010 Mustang

It’s pretty clear that Ford Motor Company is very proud of the 2010 refresh of the Ford Mustang – even though the Mustang has not yet received the “big motor news”.  Since launching the 2010 Mustang at the LA Auto Show last year, Ford has been showing off their proud new baby like any good […] More »

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