How To Lower your Mustang V6

The Mustang V6 is a powerful and sporty car that attracts some of the highest praise from both customers and critics alike. This vehicle is a high performance car that is typically unique on the road for a number of different competitive reasons. If you want to make your Mustang V6 even more unique, however, […] More »

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Car Air Conditioning Maintenance: Ford Mustang

Has the air conditioning system in your Ford Mustang started blowing warm air year-round?  Air conditioning system repairs can get to be very expensive but before running to your mechanic there are some steps that you can take that could save you some money. First, look around under the hood of your Ford Mustang for […] More »

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Ford offered Boss 302 and 429 versions of Mustang from 1969 to 1970; the Boss 351 was built for 1971 only on a larger, restyled Mustang body The original Boss 302 cars were designed to dominate SCCA Trans-Am racing with a high-revving small-block V8 and outstanding road-holding capability; Boss 429 cars were designed with acceleration […] More »

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How To Change the Oil for your Mustang V6

A Mustang V6 Is a special car that requires a good deal of care and attention in order to keep it functioning properly. If you own one of these vehicles, you owe it to the continued longevity of the car to change out the oil periodically. This will help to keep the engine working smoothly, […] More »

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How to Repair a Scratch on your Mustang

You’ve got a scratch on your Ford Mustang. You’ve tried polishing it out and you’ve tried rubbing compound. Neither has helped. Turtle Wax has a product that may help you get rid of that scratch. Materials Required One or two microfiber or cheesecloth towels Turtle Wax Scratch Repair Kit Car wash kit

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