Shelby GT500KR is the Real ‘King of the Road’

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This masterfully restored 1968 Shelby GT500KR is nothing less than a complete aural and visual example of pure envy.

No singular name gets the Mustang crowd more riled up than Carroll Shelby. The master of speed made his name building a host of amazing rides, of course. But it’s his early, high-powered Mustangs that we’re most interested in, for obvious reasons. And among those many creations, perhaps the finest was the original Shelby GT500KR, which bowed back in 1968. An even more powerful variant of the GT500, this “King of the Road” came equipped with a grossly underrated, 335 horsepower 428 Cobra Jet V8.

Today, the market has gone beyond the point of insane when it comes to any early Shelby Mustang. This is especially true when you’re talking about the Shelby GT500KR, obviously. So when we see immaculately restored examples like this ’68 rejuvenated by Grubbs Motorsports, it’s a nice opportunity for those of us lacking the means to own one to drool all over our keyboards. Uh, we mean admire it. And that’s exactly what this nicely done video from YouTuber samspace81 allows us to do.

Shelby GT500KR

Grubbs is known for their incredibly high quality resto jobs, and they’ve laid hands on some of the most iconic American muscle ever created. You’ll notice everything from a Ford GT40 to a Shelby Cobra hanging out around the shop. But with the lumpy, delicious idle of this Shelby GT500KR massaging your ear drums, you’ll quickly forget about that priceless machinery.

Shelby GT500KR

That is, if you can take your focus off that masterful paint job. Black is notorious for being the hardest color to lay down, and yet this Mustang is absolutely flawless. So while jealousy is largely considered a bad thing, go ahead and let your envy show. We may never get the chance to own a jewel like this ’68, but thanks to this video, we can certainly dream.

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