AM Cover Shoot Recipe: One Sick Mustang, One Set of Tires!

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by Chris Rose

American Muscle

So we needed an epic shot for the cover of our new 79-04 Mustang catalog. I think the marketing team might have been waiting for an excuse, but hey, either way–the recipe was simple! You take (1) part high-horsepower Mustang and mix it in with (2) parts demolishing a set of tires. Grab your camera, and the burnout video above is what you get!

Do you see the piles of burnt rubber left over? I think we can say that those tires are shot! So, who wants to help us out with next year’s cover? Think you can make that much smoke? Let us know!

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Sure, burnouts are kind of useless. But they’re a particularly awesome kind of useless. What do you think about this video? Head over to the forum and sound off! 

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