American Muscle’s Stephanie Wood Shows Off Her Mustang Prowess

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YouTube personality lives for all things Mustang. So, of course, her 2017 GT is her pride and joy — and one powerhouse pony car.

Stephanie Wood knows a lot about classic American muscle cars. She is co-host of the American Muscle YouTube channel, and she is unapologetically partial to the mighty Ford Mustang. As she says in one video, “We eat, sleep, and breathe all things Mustang.”

Whether Wood is challenging her co-host Justin Dugan to a drag race, building up her GT, or covering Mustangs at car shows, she’s proven that she’s got gasoline going through her veins and pony cars on the brain.

Wood’s Instagram account is a Mustang lovers paradise. You can also follow her at American Muscle’s Instagram page for even more muscle car action. But, aside from her fun, fierce, and knowledgeable personality, the other star is her 2017 Mustang GT. This car has been modded out by Wood for maximum performance.

As she writes in her bio, the pony car is “2017 GT, twin turbo, airlift 1990 lx, vortech supercharged 306 2002 Wrx, built 2.5 swap.” And yes, it is badass.

Wood’s expertise proves very helpful when she’s kicking ass on and off the track.

She knows her engines, and she knows solid movie quotes.

This hellion is a thing of beauty.

And it is also bad to the bone. You wanna be starting something?

Pride of Mustang ownership, it’s an awesome feeling.

Check out Wood on AmericanMuscle as well as the 10th Annual American Muscle Mustang Show event. and definitely give her Instagram some love.

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