“Black Edition” 2014 Mustang GT Coming to Japan Only

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Black Edition Mustang

To be clear, Ford hasn’t completely abandoned the fifth-gen Mustang in the push to hype up the new 2015 model.

After all, that wouldn’t make sense considering that the current model  will continue to have a huge fan base for years to come, which Ford certainly recognizes.

The latest proof of that is in a new special edition of the 2014 model the Blue Oval is rolling out called the “Mustang V8 GT Coupe the Black” (love the name) produced exclusively for Japan.


Building on the popularity of previous black edition Mustangs in Japan, the new model features bespoke 19-inch aluminum wheels with black accents. The interior is also all finished in all black and features Ford’s special glass roof that can block 90 percent of infrared rays and 96 percent of ultraviolet rays, which certainly enhances the concept of an all-black edition Mustang made exclusively for the Land of the Rising Sun.

The “Mustang V8 GT Coupe the Black” goes on sale March 15 and only 40 units will be produced. The limited edition Mustang is priced at 5.05 million Yen or roughly $50,000 (US).

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