Budget Fox Body Mustang Build Rips off Low 10s with Ease

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Despite a lack of flash and cash, this simple Mustang build looks like an easy nine-second car once it’s all sorted out.

If there’s one thing Mustang fans know very well, it’s that you don’t have to be fancy to go fast. The Fox Body Mustang is a lightweight, forgiving platform to build a go-fast pony, even if you aren’t a high rolling aspiring drag racer. And that fact is abundantly clear in this video from Neomustangs. Here we have a classic example of a “junkyard” build – a car slapped together with various cheap parts. But that certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t capable of running with some high dollar machinery at the track.

The owner of this particular Mustang ditched the original motor in favor of a 351, for starters. With that solid base to build from, they then got serious by slapping on a healthy 76mm Turbonetics F1 turbo. That large huffer works some serious magic on what is otherwise essentially a stock engine, at least on the bottom end, as we see the manual Mustang rip off an extremely impressive 10.18 quarter-mile at 135 mph.

Fox Body Mustang

Even better, the Fox does it with a full interior – no gutted-out racer here. The car does have a beefy Tremec TKO trans, but that’s probably a good idea given how much power it has to handle. A stock tranny would inevitably lunch its internals after this kind of aggressive shifting, probably just a few passes later.

Fox Body Mustang

Unfortunately, the car still broke some unknown parts during this impressive pass. So it’s back to the drawing board (and the garage) to fix it and change some things up as the owner continues to push for 9s. And as close as this old Fox Mustang was here, we doubt it’ll take long to shatter that barrier.

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