1964 1/2 Owner’s Love for Mustang Wasn’t Always Strong

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1964 mustang

The passion we usually hear of people having for vintage Mustangs typically consists of the love-at-first sight kind. It’s not often you hear a first-impression story like how Laki Malamatenios felt when he first laid eyes on a ’64 Mustang.

“When I first saw the Mustang, with a 6-cylinder engine, I was not impressed. But the more I thought about it, the more it grew on me. So I went to a Ford dealer and custom ordered one. It was a red one with a black vinyl roof and a V-8,” Malamatenios told The Union, recalling when he first saw the Ford pony car after moving from New York to California.

And Malamatenios has loved the 1964 1/2 ever since. More than 50 years and 200,000 miles later, he still finds himself reveling over his Poppy Red Mustang, something his wife of 48-years has grown to accept.

“She puts up with my love of this car. She goes along with me,” says Malamatenios. “Better a car than a mistress.”

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