Car of Tomorrow: 2010 Ford Mustang

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The Car of Tomorrow is a distinct type of 2010 Ford Mustang racing
car that features unique body design and casing materials. In order to
enter a vehicle in the Nascar Nationwide series, the second most
prestigious of all Nascar races, the Ford company designed a separate
type of race car that combines the best features of the Car of Tomorrow
with standard features of other pony cars and 2010 Ford Mustang body

Car of Tomorrow Features

Although the vehicle that Ford has entered into the 2010 Nascar
Nationwide series is technically labeled a Mustang and has a Mustang
grille and facade, many of the design features of the body of the car
are the same as those for a Car of Tomorrow. Among these features are
the elevated windshield that slopes up at a greater degree than in
standard Mustangs, the steep window at the rear of the vehicle, and the
elongated roof section that connects these two.

2010 Nascar Nationwide Race

The Nascar Nationwide race is slated to be held in July of 2010.
There will be three other races that come in the following months
between the Nationwide Race of 2010 and summer of 2011, each featuring
the Car of Tomorrow/Ford Mustang hybridized vehicle. For the 2011 series
of Nascar Nationwide races, Ford plans to use a fully designed Car of
Tomorrow model.


Dodge plans to enter a vehicle that is based upon the design strategy
and features of the Challenger pony car. However, Chevrolet has
entertained the idea of introducing a separate type of vehicle that
doesn’t fit into the same category of pony car into the Nascar
Nationwide race. This would likely be a modified version of the Camaro,
which will be relatively new to the scene of Nascar races and an unusual
competitor for the 2010 Ford Mustang entrant.

2013 will likely be a much more dramatic change for the scope of the
Nationwide race, as Toyota plans to introduce a brand new production
line vehicle to the race at that time, and many of the other makers are
also considering revamping or redesigning their entraies to the
competition. In all likelihood, the Ford entry to the competition will
be partially dependent upon the performance of this year’s Car of
Tomorrow and 2010 Ford Mustang combination vehicle competitor entry.

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