Cobra Jet Manifold VS Boss 302 Dyno Test

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Phillip Ferrini
The Mustang Source

Everybody’s been dying to know how the new Cobra Jet intake manifold/throttle body upgrade for the 2011+ Coyote engines stacks up against the tried and true BOSS 302 intake manifold/throttle body combo. Well, here’s some dyno proof the CJ intake/TB combo is the real deal. Judging by the numbers this Coyote is putting down we’d guess it has ported heads and cams in addition to the standard array of bolt-ons.

Just to recap, the stock intake manifold on the Coyote flows serious amounts of air on the top end while still preserving big torque. But for those wanting serious top-end, the weapon of choice has been the high-rise BOSS 302 unit. With its longer runners, top-feed inlet and larger TB the BOSS 302 trades a little bottom-end torque for SERIOUS top-end power. But Ford Racing took it one step further with the recent release of its Cobra Jet intake manifold that uses a massive GT500 throttle body hooked to an intake manifold designed for a 7750 RPM power peak!

Ready for the results? Well, according to the dyno graphs, the CJ intake/TB pushed power from 502 HP to 522 HP and torque from 422 LB-FT to 433 LB-FT at the wheels compared to the BOSS setup without any losses in torque. How’s that for having your cake and eating it too?

Crank your speakers and enjoy the intake howl because this Coyote sounds MEAN!

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