Is this Mustang Best at Being the Worst?

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Is it even possible to have fun with a V6, automatic, early Fox Body Mustang? YouTube’s Corbin Goodwin finds out.

A wise man once said, “Sometimes you just gotta dance with the one that brung ya.” In the case of this clapped-out, stripped-out, flat-out Mustang Fox Body with a V6 and a sluggish automatic, that means working with what you have in order to have fun. It means spending less money and still using what you have. It’s not about a lack of caring. It’s about caring so much that you want your car to be a part of your life by any means necessary.

This is the first episode of Corbin Goodwin‘s new series Drivewaybuilt, and it celebrates the go-getters who don’t spend gobs of money but use their cars the way they’re intended to be used. Grab a clapped-out Fox for a song – they’re everywhere – and prove you don’t have to have a V8 to have fun. The world might be a little nicer if everyone were a bit more like Corbin and Devyn.

You might know Corbin from his previous automotive shenanigans, like a V8-powered Mazda RX-7 and a junkyard-turbocharged Rolls Royce drift car. He’s a special member of the automotive community that’s known for doing dumb things with cars. This time, he’s driving cars created by other people in this secret underbelly of the automotive world.


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This Mustang is nasty, and we mean that in the best way possible. It actually doesn’t sound bad, thanks to a freer flowing exhaust, and the automatic has been converted to a manual shift, which helps for aggressive canyon driving, as seen in the video. The suspension has been completely redone to give it better corner holding ability. It’ll drift, rip, and grip if you drive it right. And we’re so happy that Devyn drives it right.

What’s your take on this monster Mustang? Would you drive it? Do you want to build one just like it now that you’ve seen this one, because we kind of do. Weigh in with your opinions on the forum, we look forward to hearing your take.

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