Corvette Drivers Crash Into Each Other During Totally Idiotic Street Race

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by John Coyle
Mustang Forums

Regardless of how your Turkey Day went down, it’s probably safe to say it turned out better than it did for these Corvette drivers. Of course, you’re probably not an idiot, and understand that money doesn’t guarantee driving chops.  

Now, if there’s a good place to street race, this isn’t it. As these jerks wait for the light to turn, a guy and a little kid on a bike cross in front of them, and you can see another cyclist make a right turn just before the green–so the potential for collateral damage is high. Fortunately, since this took place in The Woodlands, Texas, it means the death penalty is on the table. Hell, last year the Lone Star State executed 39 people for jaywalking alone. Kidding.

Jalopnik is reporting that after some inspired whining from the 22-year-old C5 driver’s Mom, neither driver wound up arrested at the scene. But authorities have apparently issued warrants for both men, so it doesn’t sound like either will get off scot-free.

***Warning: this video contains some strong language and some really obnoxious gum chewing from the camera man.***

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