Couple Trades Mustang for Audi, All Hell Breaks Loose

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Audi Peoria Mustang Post

This married couple thought a 1966 Mustang for an Audi S5 was a great idea, but the Internet wasn’t having it.

It is not unusual for a dealership to share a picture of a customer with their new vehicle to congratulate and thank the buyer. Some dealerships also show the customer trade-ins on social media, but according to The Drive, a simple good-faith Facebook post has resulted in a maelstrom of online harassment that ultimately led one auto dealer to remove the image altogether.

Fateful Facebook Post

Audi Peoria in Illinois shared the image above, showing a happy couple with their new 2018 Audi S5 Sportback and the 1966 Mustang GT they traded in on for the new German coupe. The post briefly explained that the owner traded in his dream car for the Sportback, finishing with “that’s love.” Touching, of course, but hell hath no fury like scorned Mustang enthusiasts on the Internet, and bountiful nasty comments ensued on the dealership Facebook page.

“I cant believe (new owner) traded in that beautiful piece of history for a pile of steaming Volkswagen garbage,” one Facebook user wrote. “Have fun with your $2000 POS in like five years.”

Some fired away at the dealership, insisting that they had conned the Mustang owner out of his dream car. Others took shots at the former Mustang owner, insisting that he was crazy or that he should have traded in the wife rather than the pony car. “R.I.P. Mustang, you guys definitely got that guy lol,” one user commented.

1966 Ford Mustang convertible

Questionable Decision

While the 2018 Audi S8 is a fine machine, it is hard to imagine trading in a clean classic Mustang on any modern car. At this point in time, a 1966 Mustang is constantly appreciating in value while that Audi was worth a fraction of what he paid the day after he drove it home. Also, a clean example of any car from 1966 is hard to find, let alone replace, so the odds are good that Robert’s dream car is gone forever and he let it go in exchange for a dime-a-dozen Audi.

Regardless of what he got in trade, it was almost guaranteed to be far below what a collector would pay for a clean classic Mustang and in a few years, Robert will almost surely come to regret this move, but in the meantime, hopefully he is happy with his wife’s new Audi.

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