Coveted 1966 Shelby-Hertz GT350-H Readies for Auction

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Previous models of the classic Shelby-Hertz rental car have fetched upwards of $200,000.

Barrett-Jackson certainly is no stranger to coveted Mustangs.

Although, there certainly is a lot more buzz around one classic that’s set to cross the block this June at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. And with good reason, given some of the ’66 Shelby GT350-H Hertz rental cars have fetched upwards of up $200,000.

One of only 1,000 produced, this Shelby is equipped with a 289 cubic-inch 4.7-liter engine mated to a 3-speed automatic transmission.

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Why an automatic for the dream rental? Well, as The Drive points out, not everyone knew how to operate a stick shift, even back in the ‘60s when manuals sports cars were pretty much the norm. So, if Ford and Hertz would have chosen to offer strictly stick-shifts, there would have been a lot of people who would have missed out on the opportunity to experience the car. And we’re sure the goal was to lure as many people to the specialty rental Shelbys as possible.

The one-day rental price for the Shelby GT350-H was about $17 a day, back then. We suspect that was probably a pretty good deal for anyone looking to live out their racecar-driving dreams for a spell.

Following their beat-em-up rental runs, many of the ‘66 Shelby GT350-Hs were restored and sold to the public. Of course, some were taken care of much better than others, and it’s clear that this one has been well preserved.

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