Dealer list reveals pricing for options on 2015 Mustang

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If you’ve been wondering how much some of the options and packages might cost for a new 2015 Mustang you’re in luck.

Numbers captured from a dealer ordering list provide a pretty good scope of exactly how much a lot of those most talked-about features will cost on the new Ford pony car, as detailed in an Auto Blog report.

The list zeroes in on five specific models including the 3.7-liter V6, 2.3-liter EcoBoost and GT with the 5.0-liter V8.  Among the 10 available paint colors, 2 will cost extra including Triple Yellow at $495 and Ruby Red Tint at $395.

Opting for a navigation system will cost an additional $795.  The Reverse parking assist system will cost $295, according to the report. For the EcoBoost and GT models, expect to pay an extra $1,195 for the six-speed automatic.  Adaptive cruise control will cost an additional $1,195 as well.

Most of the pricier features, however, come in the area of performance as would be expected.

The GT model will be available with a limited-slip 3.55 rear end that’ll bump the price up $395. A GT Performance package will tack on an additional $2,495.

Opting for Recaro leather seats will kick the cost up an extra $1,595. The EcoBoost model is available with what’s called an EcoBoost Performance package for $1,995. And a Mustang GT.50th Anniversary and SVT will reportedly add an additional $1,595 to the cost.

Now, who’s ready to order?

Source [Auto Blog]

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