Drag Races: 900 hp Fox-Body versus 850hp 2JZ 240SX

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Saleen Foxbody

There’s no such thing as boring battles when it comes to street racing. Generally, those who tend to compete feel they’ve got enough goods under the hood to put on a show.

The latest race we’ve stumbled on is a showdown between a 900-horsepower turbo Fox-body Saleen Mustang and That Racing Channel’s own 850-horsepower 2JZ Nissan 240SX.

It likely would have made for an even better matchup had it not been for one of the fuel pumps that died in the Nissan, but it’s still interesting to watch the powerhouses battle it out on a desolate stretch of road.

Keep in mind, folks, we in no way condone street racing here, but simply report the matchups as we come across them.

Originally posted on The Mustang Source


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