Dyno Might: Twin-Turbo 2011 Mustang GT Makes 791 RWHP!

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There are quite a few supercharger options for the 2011+ Mustang, but there are not nearly as many turbocharged setups available. The folks over at Modular Depot are aiming to change that, and in cooperation with Jon Lund of Lund Racing have developed a prototype twin-turbo system for the 5.0-liter engine that is as potent as it is pretty.

The test car recently went on the dyno for testing and put down an incredible 791 horsepower and 675 lb-ft torque at the rear wheels using 13 psi of boost. Modular Depot has previously took the Mustang to the track and ran a 10.41 quarter mile using 10 psi, so we’re guessing this latest setup could potentially be good for a nine second time slip.

While the twin-turbo setup is currently a one-off, Modular Depot is currently gauging customer interest for a production system. Judging by both the performance and the OEM look, we wouldn’t be surprised if they get quite a few inquiries from horsepower-loving Mustang owners.

What do you think? If you were going to go with forced induction, would you go for the turbo or a supercharger? See what members are saying over in the Forum!

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