eBay Find: All Original ’69 Mach 1 Code R with 20k miles

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It’s not often you come across a true gem of a classic, one that hasn’t been rebuilt or reborn, but one with all of the true original parts that came straight out of the factory back in 1969.
This classic ’69 Mustang Mach 1 has 20,000 original miles and is in complete original condition, just well maintained. They are out there and here’s proof. This baby was for sale on eBay Motors through Ray Skillman Ford in Greenwood, Indiana. This Mach 1 isn’t lacking any options with a 4-speed manual transmission and the R Code 428 Cobra Jet engine with the odometer reading in at 20,873 miles. This car is pretty old, and despite all of that the condition of this car is remarkable. 
A car like this is bound to bring in some serious bucks and Ray Skillman was asking $118,800. One mint ’69 Mach 1 R Code passed through the auction block at Barrett-Jackson earlier this year and didn’t fetch the asking price of this bad boy. Restoring a car is an awesome thing, especially bringing one back to life from the grave. However, having one in excellent condition with all original parts is a whole ‘nother thing. Maintaining a car for over 40 years and keeping it looking like new takes commitment and a true passion for cars.
Although the bidding has ended on the eBay page and the listing is over, it was still worth mentioning such a beauty. Hopefully this thing has a new owner willing to keep this car an original. It’s one car that will most likely only see those sunshine weekend car shows. It’s definitely one worth fawning over at a car show, that’s for sure. 
Source: [MustangsDaily]

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