Enthusiasm in Action: Featured Members of the Month

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The members of Mustang Forums share unrivaled enthusiasm for the original pony car, and the work they do on their precious cars is certainly a reflection of that. Though the traditional Mustang models are already powerful and iconic, many fans opt to make their own special modifications in order to create a vehicle that is entirely unique and one of a kind. A great deal of time, money and love goes into each of these jobs, and the results are as varied as the personalities and interests of each Mustang owner. Read on for a brief description of three very impressive forum members.


mischis-mod3.jpgMustangForums member Michschi conducted a full interior and exterior rehauling of his 2007 Shelby GT in order to produce one fine looking machine. He began with a custom paint job on the lower bumper of the vehicle, then continued by modifying a GT500 splitter for use on the car. The Ford Racing Bullitt tires were replaced by snappier Shelby CS40s. Then he replaced the stock mirrors with custom Agent 47 mirrors. SHR Louvers were used instead of the quarter windows in the rear portion of the vehicle for added style. A scintillating cowl hood, rear window tint and leather wheel helped to complete the overhaul of the vehicle. The changes to the car were primarily aesthetic, with all of the stock materials (except for the wheels) remaining in the vehicle. But don’t worry, the engine overhaul is lined up for this winter!

NoReins’ 68 Fastback

fasttracker.jpgForum member NoReins is currently engaged in a huge job that has turned out to be quite the restoration project. The process was intended to provide a high quality, slick and modern-looking ’68 Fastback. NoReins had an old and worn vehicle to begin with, so the fist portion of the job consisted of replacing a number of crucial components. These included the transmission, wheel houses and trunk floor. Next, NoReins completed new quarters and a taillight panel modification. PSE wheels, a fear kit, TCP front coilovers and a full deluxe interior have all been completed. We’ll definitely keep checking this thread to see the final results!


kput.jpgUser Kput made a series of small modifications to his 2006 Coupe in order to provide it with a sportier, more modern appearance. These changes included the addition of a unique short antenna setup. He also removed the rocker panel stripes from the vehicle. A chin spoiler on the front of the vehicle helped to complete this simple, sleek and stylish overhaul.

Modifications can be done on practically any Mustang. Even though Mustangs are already the most iconic car on the road, a little modification goes a long way; heck, freedom of expression is as American as the Mustang itself. There are dozens of different interior and exterior components of the car that can be altered, creating countless possibilities for your uniquely modified vehicle.

For more information about mods and ideas of what to change, visit the Forum and browse the user-submitted pictures of modified vehicles there. Users are also happy to provide their suggestions and feedback based on your modification ideas. The three forums linked above are a great place to start, plus, you can see hundreds of more photos of all these enthusiast’s hard work and glory.

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