Ford Racing announces limited edition 2010 Boss 302R Mustang

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parnelli jones mustang.jpgFord has used the SEMA Show in Las Vegas show off new products from Ford Racing in the past, and with the Motor Company being the official car manufacturer of this year’s show, we can expect more excitement. One hint as to what we could see at SEMA was offered by yesterday, as Ford Racing issued a press release officially announcing the 2010 Ford Racing Boss 302R Mustang and some of the cars’ specifications.

Paying homage to the success of the 1970 Boss Mustang in the racing world, the 2010 302R will be a race only model and production will be limited to just 50 units.  The 2010 Boss 302R Mustang will come in the “standard” 302R form, or a Grand-Am Homologation package is available for those intending to compete in the KONI Challenge series.  The 2010 Boss 302R has an MSRP of $79,000, and for those wanting a fully built race car, the Grand-Am prepped 302R will run you around $129,000.

Like the 1970 Boss 302, the 2010 302R will feature a 5.0L V8, but this modern 5.0L offers an “estimated” 400hp.  The real power figures are more likely to be distributed once Ford has announced the power figures for the 2011 Mustang at this year’s LA Auto Show, but with the Mustang GT expected to offer around 400hp from the 5.0L Coyote V8, I hope to see GT500-like power out of this $79,000 dollar race Mustang.  The more expensive Koni Challenge Boss 302R comes with a “sealed high output race motor”, and the SEMA Show could be the perfect venue for such a monster factory built race car.

This press release was issued just 12 days before the SEMA Show, and
with Ford Racing suggesting that all orders be submitted by the end of
this calendar year, we can expect more news about these new Ford Racing
models soon.  For the time being, the mighty Boss is back, and in past
years when Ford has added the “R” designation to a model they have
often followed with a production model.  What better way to roll out
the modern Boss Mustangs than to debut a heavily modified model at the
SEMA Show, followed by the production version along with the new engine
unveilings at the 2009 LA Auto Show?

There are no images
released of this car yet, as with a delivery date of Q3 or Q4 of 2010,
there probably hasn’t been one produced, but many are expecting some of
them to follow the famous orange and black scheme of the championship
winning Boss racer Parnelli Jones.

Stay tuned to the Detroit
Autos Examiner
for more news about the Boss 302R Mustang, as well as
full coverage of the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas!

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70 boss ad.jpg
Ford Racing Announces Limited Edition (50 units) 2010 Boss 302R Mustang

celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Mustang Boss 302’s iconic 1970
Trans-Am championship, and to build on the success of the Mustang
FR500C (winner of 2005/2008/2009 Grand-Am Championships), Ford Racing
is proud to announce the development of a new race-prepared road racing
Mustang – the 2010 Ford Racing Boss 302R. Details of this exciting
program have already begun to surface, and we want to ensure our
dealers hear about it from us first.

The Ford Racing Mustang
Boss 302R will be a factory-built race car, ready for track days and
road racing in a number of SCCA and NASA classes. An optional Grand-Am
Homologation Package will be available for the Grand-Am KONI Challenge
series. While details are intentionally limited at this time, the
following should help you assess the product and its appeal.

Program Intent
•    Continue the winning tradition of Mustang racing
•    Build limited to 50 units
•    Off-road only (VIN replaced by serial number)
•    Estimated pricing, $75,000 WD, $79,000 MSRP
•    Build/delivery in 3rd -4th Qtr 2010
•    Ford Racing Part #: M-FR500-BOSSR
Vehicle Content:
•    400 hp (est.) 5.0L 4V engine
•    6-speed manual transmission
•    Roll cage
•    Race dampers/springs, brakes, tire
•    Race seats, safety harness
– Grand-Am Homologation Package2010 Grand-Am spec/approved package
(Part Number: M-FR500-BOSSR1) for KONI Challenge includes:
•    Sealed high output race engine with upgraded cooling system
•    Close ratio 6-speed transmission with integral shifter
•    Seam-welded body
•    Race suspension/KONI dampers and ABS brake tuning
•    Race wheels/tires
•    Race performance exhaust
•    High speed balance 1-piece driveshaft
•    Racing fuel cell
•    Race data acquisition
•    Grand-Am spec vehicle is estimated to be $129,000 MSRP ($124,000 WD)
Orders / Feedback
•    Vehicle orders should be placed with the Ford Racing warehouse
•    Priority delivery will be given to multiple vehicle orders.
•    An “off-road only” competition release will be required prior to delivery of the race car to the dealer.
 Production of only 50 units is under consideration for 2010, so
dealers are encouraged to submit their orders before December 31, 2009.

(photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company)

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