Ford Racing Shows Off Modifications on 2010 Mustang

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10Mustang_SKV6417_HR.jpgThe Ford Mustang is one of the most easily recognizable cars on the street in the US, and Ford Racing Technology Director Brian Wolfe acknowledged that when explaining the inspiration behind the four modified 2010 Mustangs displayed on the floor of the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show.  From daily driven to full-blown race cars, Mustang enthusiasts modify their cars in many different ways, be it for styling or performance, and Ford is jumping on the huge bandwagon of aftermarket support for the Mustang.

Surrounded by a huge spread of vintage, famous Mustangs, the modified Mustangs start mild and go wild, with each of the vehicles showcasing the Ford Racing Handling Package, along with a handful of other modifications.  

mustang spread laas.JPGThe lone modified V6 is a Kona Blue unit equipped with the handling package; along with a Ford Racing short throw shifter, which reduces shifting effort by 32%.  The first of the built-up GT models has just the handling package, and it finished in Torch Red.  The next is a Red Candy GT equipped with the handling package, and under the hood is the 400hp Ford Racing Polished Supercharger.  The final modified Mustang GT is painted Sterling Grey, and has a handful of items that improve handling, drivability, and performance.  Like the other Mustangs, this one begins with the Ford Racing Handling Package, and like the V6, the Ford Racing short throw shifter has been added.  Next, the performance of the GT has been improved by adding a functional Shaker hood and Ford Racing exhaust setup, from the ‘shorty’ headers to the x-pipe to the cat-back exhaust system, and the undercarriage is dressed up a bit thanks to the Ford Racing Differential Cover.

One of the best parts about these performance modifications is that they are all backed by the factory warranty, and are available at any Ford dealerships.  The Ford display includes an area where you can customize a Mustang yourself and you can do the same on the Ford Racing website for your own Mustang.  For more information on the Ford Racing program, check out the Ford Racing Site.

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