Ford’s SVT Cobra Is a Proper Celebration of Mustang’s 30th Anniversary

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In 1994 Ford unleashed 5,000 5.0-liter SN-95 Cobras on the world.

When the Mustang launched in April of 1964, it was a revelation in the world of motoring. Nobody had ever seen a car quite so attractive, and it’s a design that has held up well as time piles on. The SN-95, however, is not quite as timeless a design, but we feel it is worth taking a second look.

Compared to the Fox Mustang it replaced, the SN-95 was a bit stiffer chassis with a more era-appropriate design. The design was dramatically changed, but the underpinnings remained essentially the same. Taking all of the goodies from 1993’s Cobra and swapping them into the SN-95 chassis made the 94 Cobra an even better performer.

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More power, better handling, better braking, and more aggressive looks makes a great formula for any car. The extra power of the Cobra’s pumped-up 5-liter allowed this car to drop nearly half a second from the GT’s 0-60 time (The GT  seconds). By today’s standards, the 240 horsepower under the hood is not really anything to shout about, but it’s still a 15-second quarter mile car straight from the factory. The Cobra had a lot more grip than the standard GT, but didn’t do much to quell that car’s massive body roll.

We have to hand it to MotorWeek for taking the time to digitize their vintage reviews, they’ve been reviewing cars longer than most of us have been able to drive, so it’s great to see their older stuff coming out of storage and making it to the internet where it can be seen by new generations of car fanatics. Thanks for making our Fourth of July weekend just a little bit more Mustang awesome.

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