Fox Body SVO Battles New EcoBoost Mustang

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In part two of this wacky series, a¬†junkyard SVO takes on a brand new Mustang EcoBoost. Two ‘Stangs enter, one ‘Stang leaves.

Last week we introduced you to Corbin and Mike, hosts of “Corbin’s Hit Show” on /Drive. Their goal was to take a Mustang SVO and try to build it up to be faster around a short circuit than a new Mustang EcoBoost. The SVO was pretty ratty when they got it, and surprisingly throwing a bunch of junkyard parts at the thing didn’t really help much. We don’t often applaud projects with so many corners cut, but somehow we can’t help but love this ridiculous crap heap of a car.

SVO EcoBoost Challenge

For just about $4,000 dollars, this pair of half-wits threw a shorter final drive ratio and stronger rear axle into the car, added an “intercooler” crafted apparently from an old radiator, and tossed on a set of knock-off big brakes that look like they’re from a later performance-oriented Mustang Cobra. Then they threw on a wider and shorter-sidewall set of performance tires.

So did it work? Well, the SVO is certainly faster, but the gear ratios are now extremely short, and require more rowing to keep the car in the power band. And the tires rub. Oh, and it still leaks oil far more than it should.

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In the actual showdown between the four-cylinder turbo Mustangs, the two hosts try to put in their best time in each, with three laps timed against the iPhone timer. So which Mustang comes out ahead? You’ll just have to watch and find out for yourself.

All in all, this show has a similar level of shenanigans and tomfoolery as “Roadkill,” but for a younger idiot demographic. We love it. 9/10, would¬†recommend.

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