German Star’s Shelby GT500 Goes Up in Flames

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Yup, hold your breath.

Those are the remains of a Shelby Mustang GT500 that went up in flames.

We know, it’s quite painful for us to look at too as we stare at the charred front end of the classic American muscle car. Apparently, the GT500, owned by, Mark Keller, the star of a popular German TV show, met its unfortunate fate during a breakfast run.

According to reports, some witnesses thought Keller was actually filming an episode of his show, Alarm for Cobra 11, when the actor managed to escape the car after it caught on fire.  But unfortunately, this was no scripted scene. is reporting that the fire could have been triggered by gasoline leaking onto the carburetor, which sent the entire front end of Keller’s GT500 up in flames.

Here’s hoping there are enough salvageable parts for Keller to restore his GT500 as we’d hate to see any of this American beauty go to waste.

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