Gotta Have It? Best Pics Yet of “Gotta Have It Green”

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by John Coyle

We’ll be getting photos from the floor during NAIAS next week, but Jalopnik has posted the best photos yet of the Ford’s new “Gotta Have It Green” paint. Personally, I think there should be a five-year moratorium on cars painted silver, white or black, and anyone–like um, Toyota folks–who orders a beige vehicle should have their driving privileges suspended for six months.

Because the roads getting way, way too boring! Wouldn’t sitting in traffic feel better if it looked like you were suspended inside a bag of Skittles? I for sure think it would, but I love Skittles–and I also like this color. I bet it will look a lot better in person than it does under the glare of the lights in Cobo Hall.  

What do you think about “Gotta Have it Green?” Green with envy? Green like you’re going to puke? Head over to the Forum and sound off!   

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