How to Install a R2C 4.0L V6 Air Intake onto a Ford Mustang

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The air intake system on your Ford Mustang plays a vital role in not only the appearance and sound of your vehicle, but also on the vehicle’s overall power and ability to accelerate. Air intake systems are one of the main parts of any Mustang maintenance or customization procedure, and these systems are crucial to the overall ability of your car to function properly. In order to install an R2C 4.0L V6 Mustang air intake into your vehicle, read on for a general outline.

Remove the Original Air Intake System

The first step toward replacing the air intake system on your
Mustang, after you’ve purchased the necessary parts and supplies, is to
remove the previous air intake system. In order to do that, you’ll
first need to remove the intake tube from the throttle body on the
fender of the car. Most intake tubes on Mustangs are attached by
clamps, which you’ll have to loosen in order to remove the hose.

Next, remove the air box that’s attached to the intake tube by
loosening the screws that connect it to the intake system. After this,
you’ll need to jack up the rear of the car and remove the lower portion
of the intake system, located just below the air box. At this point,
you’ll have removed the air intake system for your car and you’re ready
to install the new R2C cold air intake system on your Mustang.

Add the New Intake System

Take the intake tube from the new intake system and feed it up
through the engine of the Mustang until it winds back out to where you
can attach it to the air filter. The filter is located on the fender of
the car.

Add the second tube from the new cold air intake system to the
throttle body inside of the fender, to the same place where the first
tube was connected.

There will likely also be a connector that you can use to attach the
two tubes together. Do so according to the instructions on the air
intake system that you’re installing. Finally, you’ll need to secure
all of the tubes in place using a large nut and wrenches of various

If you have any questions about which air intake system is best for
your Mustang, or if you have any problems with the installation process
as you work on adding the new intake system to your car, ask a
professional for advice.

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