How To Install Ford Mustang Smoked LED Tail Lights

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If you’re looking for a way to change the appearance of your Ford Mustang, consider installing new lights. Smoked LED tail lights are easy to install and give the rear of your vehicle a distinctive appearance, particularly at night. Read on for a step by step guide on how to install these special tail lights into the rear of your vehicle.

How to Install Mustang LED Smoked Tail Lights

Step 1 — Remove the Back of the Trunk

In order to access the tail lights on both sides of the car, you’ll
need to remove the back portion of the interior of the trunk. This is
relatively easy to do. Use a screwdriver to pry the four plastic clips
that are found on the inside of the rear of the truck out. Do not lose
the clips, as you’ll need them later to reinstall the back portion of
the trunk. Two of the clips are on the top of the trunk base, two are
below on the side. Loosen the section by hand and them pull out the
entire plastic piece that exists at the edge of the trunk.

Step 2 — Remove Base Panel

Next, you’ll need to remove the base panel that’s found underneath
the carpet in the trunk of your Mustang. Lift one edge of the carpet up
somewhat so that you can see the three nuts that are on either side of
the trunk at the base. Use a wrench to carefully unscrew these nuts.
Hold onto them, as you’ll need them to reattach the base later on as
well. Gently pull out the base under the carpet.

Step 3 — Remove the Housing and Disconnect the Bulbs

At this point you can lift the factory housing of the tail lights up
and out of the rear of the trunk. Gently pop it out of place and lift
it up and out from the car. Before you pull it too far out, disconnect
the light bulbs by turning them gently and counterclockwise.

Step 4 — Install New Housing

Next, you’re ready to install the new housing for your smoked LED
tail lights. Match up the new bulbs with the wires in the housing.
Gently screw the new bulbs clockwise into the slots on the housing,
then pop the housing into place at the rear of the trunk.

Repeat this entire process for the other side and the other set of tail lights.

Step 5 — Replace Reverse Light

Twist counterclockwise to disconnect the factory installed reverse light, then replace it with the new smoked LED light.

Tighten everything back up and reinstall the carpet base, then the
back of the trunk panel. Check to make sure that your tail lights work
and are properly connected by turning the car on and testing them.

If you have any questions about the process of installation for new
Ford Mustang smoked LED tail lights, speak with a professional for more
assistance and additional related advice.

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