If you could change one thing about the 2010 Mustang…What would it be?

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2010 Mustang Vert.JPGFord Motor Company has presented us with the 2010 Mustang in the base and GT trimlines, and went the extra step to show off some dealership-available modifications from Ford Racing.  The appearance changes were fairly subtle, and have given the car a more aggressive stance, but some Mustang faithful are unhappy with the announcement of the return of the 4.6L 3V, which still “only” makes 315 horsepower.

Ford has announced that there would be more announcements about the 2010 Mustang in the next few months, and it is heavily speculated that it could be something like a new Boss or Mach1 powered by a 5.0L engine hopefully making somewhere in the area of 400 horsepower, but those are just rumors so those announcements from FMC could simply pertain to the next GT500 (which there have already been spy shots..so we know its coming).

The S197 Mustang has sold very well, and its vintage styling was a huge
hit when debuted as both a concept and a production model, but with the
new refresh and lack of stronger engine options, some people are
complaining that the 2010 Mustang should have been “better” to some

What do you think about the 2010 Mustang?  Do you think that it’s fine
the way that it is, assuming that there is indeed a GT500 offering? 
Should the two current models have gotten more power? Should there be
an additional trimline between the GT and the GT500?  Should the car
have been changed more on the exterior, along with needing more power? Tell us here!!

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