Lamborghini Gallardo Crashes Into GT500, GT500 Almost Cares

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by John Coyle

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This crash happened during the Formula GT500 Copa–that’s Formula GT500 Cup– in Columbia, and demonstrates that even with AWD and a slew of electronic nannies, high-powered exotics can be a handful. Just ask this Lamborghini driver, who stomped on the gas only to have the Raging Bull go sideways and collide with a GT500. Oops.
So obviously, the race was over for the Gallardo. But even though it got knocked up a curb and suffered some superficial damage to the body kit, the GT500 simply lifts for a second and continues. That’s a Mustang for you–as complicated as a hammer and  twice as hard to break. The first video shows the crash, and the second shows it from the GT500’s perspective. Enjoy. 

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