Latemodel Restoration puts 2000 Mustang Cobra R on Dyno

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–by Phillip Ferrini
To this day, few modern Mustangs fit the definition of “racecar” better than the 2000 Cobra R. Just 300 examples were made, and they came in any color you wanted, so long as it was a Performance Red exterior with a Dark Charcoal interior. 
These gutted-out racers lacked air conditioning, radios and other creature comforts, and featured a 5.4-liter four-valve modular motor with an iron block, forged internals and an ultra-trick two-piece intake manifold that is pure artwork. The motor was good for 385 hp and 385 lb-ft. That grunt was backed by a T56 transmission and a B&M shifter. 
The massive trunk wing, deep front splitter, track suspension, side-exit exhaust pipes and huge brakes added up to a beast on the track that ran bottom 13s at the drag strip, and came alive on a road course with lateral grip of 1.02gs. It was a worthy successor to the 1995 and 1993 Cobra Rs. 
But enough with the history lesson. Latemodel Restoration had enough pull to locate one and strap it to VMP Tuning’s dyno. The results are much stronger than expected considering the only modification outside of stock is a Bassani off-road exhaust. What’d she make? How about a stout 390 hp and 387 lb-ft at the wheels.
Crank your speakers and enjoy this rare opportunity.
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