A Little Wreck Won’t Stop This Mustang From Racing

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Nothing gets in the way of this yellow Fox.

Attendees of Cars & Coffee events are all too well informed about the Ford Mustang’s propensity for spinning out at all the wrong times. What’s with that?

Yellow Fox Body Mustang

In 1320 Video’s new Redemption 10.0 video, however, it’s not the Mustang doing the electric slide, but a Camaro. Seems traction is a problem for all rear-wheel-drive American muscle cars. Would you have it any other way?

Camaro vs. Mustang

The Mustang in question this time is the yellow and black Fox body of Cody Jones. After mopping up another 5.0 in round 1 and handily dispatching another couple of would-be challengers, the turbo small-block-powered Ford continues to dominate all the way to the semifinal round, and that’s where things get dicey.

The Camaro leaves the line with an impressive wheelie, but when the front tires find asphalt, the Chevy car isn’t pointed perfectly straight. It crosses the centerline, forfeiting the race, and gives Cody’s Mustang a nice little love tap. In a post-race interview, the Mustang driver is grateful things didn’t go much worse. Good attitude, Cody, we agree.

With a single race left to go, the question becomes: Can the wounded pony keep its winning streak alive in the final run? Apparently, a ding to the front quarter panel isn’t enough to affect the brick-like aerodynamics of a classic 5.0. Cody makes short work of what appears to be an F-body Pontiac or Chevy, as the competitor has mechanical issues off the line.

Riding into the sunset

You would think that’s the end of the road for the black and yellow warhorse, but 1320 mentioned seeing a lot of Cody’s car lately, and that’s no joke. That small-block 420 has to be absolutely dialed in because Cody comes back for a second helping in part two of the video.

This time there’s less drama, but no shortage of tire-smoking goodness. Cody takes on a mixed bag that includes an SN-95 Mustang and a handsome first-gen Camaro that very nearly edges out the win, but in the end, this 5.0 keeps its nose pointed forward. Nice going.

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