Matt Farah’s Fox Mustang Punches Way Above Its Weight Class

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“If your car catches on fire, did you really win?” – Matt Farah

It’s gratifying to have a racing driver like Justin Bell not only drive your car, but enjoy the experience. This is the first time Matt Farah has his Project Fox on track since he bought it a couple of years ago. It’s been a slow-going build. But it’s finally in a state where he’s comfortable pushing it for all its worth on track.

Matt Farah and his Project Fox

He’s also comfortable letting someone else drive it with no more instruction than “You have to go from second into first.” But that’s just standard Fox body fare, right? After lots of long and expensive hours of suspension tuning, cross-weighting, and corner balancing, this is one properly set up Mustang.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, the YouTuber Challenge was devised by SuperSpeedersRob to pit his own turbocharged C5 Corvette against a Skyline GTR (TommyFYeah), an FD RX7 (Rob Dahm), a turbocharged 240SX (ThatDudeInBlue), and Matt’s Mustang.

The Fox has over 200 fewer horses under the hood than the next closest car. But Matt’s car is seriously dialed in and didn’t need anything. Sure, it was trailered to the track and back, but it ran all weekend and didn’t break down. Not only that, it finished in third place behind Rob’s big-power Corvette (which caught on fire), and Tommy’s R34 Skyline. In order to keep a level playing field, they hired Justin Bell to drive each car. He was seriously impressed with the Mustang.

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It isn’t often that a Mustang is built for track prowess over horsepower, but this car just goes to show that such a thing can be done. The Fox chassis is something to everybody, and Matt’s is just about perfect. It’s not going to set any quarter-mile records, but it’s seriously capable when the roads get twisty. The course at Dream Racing is pretty simple and favors high power cars. But with a tighter and more technical course, the Fox just might have taken home the crown. Regardless, we’re pretty proud of this black beauty.

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