Matt Farah’s Project Fox Mustang Is Finally Ready for Some Miles

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Technically, Matt Farah of auto Internet fame (shout-out to the The Smoking Tire getting to 500,000 subscribers on YouTube) owns a 1988 Fox Body Mustang LX. But the name and the headliner might be the only things left from the original car. This black beauty is entirely different, from the Maximum Motorsports chassis to the RDBLA widened body to the Floowmaster cat back exhaust to the Cobra steering system.

And now it has an amazing license plate: THE IRS. Seriously.

After some tinkering last year to get it into final shape, the car can finally be driven without the expectation that anything will break or shut down. So, naturally, Farah took it to his home course: the canyons just north of Los Angeles. Just watch how this thing moves with its 350-horsepower crate engine.

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Via [The Smoking Tire]

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