Mustang 360 Shares Tips for Keeping a Classic Mustang Cool

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If you own a classic Mustang there’s a good chance you’ve had some issues with overheating – or will. 
Unfortunately, a lot of the older models just weren’t built with the kind of cooling capabilities needed to handle the engines made back then. Couple that with a lot of Mustang owners taking their own stab at rectifying the issue with very little insight, and the problem is compiled even more. 
However, a story we stumbled on from our friends at Mustang 360 offers a few tips on how to get those cooling issues rectified.
Below are five our our top takeaways from the story, but we strongly urge you to read the entire piece as it’s packed with a whole lot more insight.

1. “Never underestimate the importance of a healthy radiator.” 
2. “The thermostat is your cooling system’s traffic cop …. A sealed wax capsule works against spring pressure to control temperature: the stiffer the spring, the higher the thermostat’s temperature rating.” 
3. “Anti-freeze manufacturers and automakers suggest a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze to achieve a safe mix down to -34 degrees … If you choose the 50/50 mix, go with distilled water, not tap water.”
4. “Not only is proper fan selection paramount, so is proper fan installation … Fans must be installed with halfway penetration into the shroud.”
5. “You may not believe this, but the luxury car-style clutch fan is the most efficient cooling fan there is.” 
6. “It is so easy to incorrectly install cylinder head gaskets on Ford V8 engines. Locate gasket cooling passages at the rear of the block … and watch for the word FRONT in the gasket surface.”

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