Rare Mustang Boss 429 Found in Alabama Garage

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Mustang Boss 429

Any Boss 429 discovery is something worth celebrating but this amazing survivor is extra special.

Few special editions match up to the mighty Boss when it comes and Hot Rod got the scoop on a recently discovered 1970 Mustang Boss 429 from an Alabama garage. Essentially built merely to satisfy Ford’s beastly Hemi Shotgun engine for NASCAR use, the Blue Oval built only 1,358 examples to satisfy homologation rules. Laughingly underrated at 375 horsepower, the mighty 429 was actually producing roughly 500 ponies, making it quite the street machine.

Finding any Mustang Boss 429 is obviously significant, but this particular car is extra special for a number of reasons. For starters, Ford built only 499 of them at the legendary Rouge plant in Dearborn. And only 13 featured a Calypso Coral exterior and white interior. And the story of how it landed in the hands of Mobile, Alabama-based muscle car dealer and resto shop owner Charlie Lyons is equally fascinating.

Mustang Boss 429

Turns out, the previous owner told his dentist (of all people) that he had the car. “That person called me. I get those calls fairly frequently, but they rarely turn out to be anything,” said Lyons. “My wife and I were taking her car to get a tire repaired, and the phone rang with a gentleman who wanted to know if I was interested in buying this Mustang. I said ‘what kind of Mustang is it?’ and he said, ‘Well, it’s one of those with the Hemi motor in it.'” Little did he know this phone call would turn up the holy grail of muscle car finds.

Mustang Boss 429

The seller purchased the Boss 429 from the original owner back in 1976. But he proceeded to add a few mods, including nitrous, traction bars, wheels and tires, and gauges. But by 1988, the he parked it under a pair of covers. Interestingly enough, the Mustang emerged in 1989 for a shoot in Super Ford magazine.

Thanks to careful storage, the car is reportedly in fantastic condition. “There is not a rust hole or rust spot anywhere on the car,” Lyons said. “We could wax it, clean it up, get it running, and take it to a car show the way it is as a survivor.”

Mustang Boss 429

And quite honestly, we hope that’s exactly what happens to this incredible Boss 429 find. It deserves a proper preservation, so that more folks can enjoy both the car and its incredible story.

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