Mustang Driver Gets Wedged Under Semi

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A Mustang driver in Durham, North Carolina had a pretty scary ordeal that reminds us all of the importance of safety when driving any automobile.

The 24-year-old man had to be feed from being pinned in his car under a tractor trailer after it collided into the truck, according to a local Durham ABC local news report.

Apparently, the driver was trapped inside his car 30 minutes before emergency workers were able to free him after running a stop sign.  He was later taken to the hospital after sustaining what’s described as serious injuries from the accident.

The semi-driver was treated for minor injuries.  While the news report offers very few other details on the accident, it’s a harsh reminder of why a passion for performance should never outweigh the need for safety in a Mustang or any other vehicle.

Source [ABC 11]

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