Check Out This Lovely Lady and Her Radiant Mustang

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Mustang Girl

This Mustang girl’s love for pony cars dates back to her childhood.

For anyone familiar with Mustang 360, you know “Mustang Girl Monday” has become a staple feature for the site. After all, women are a huge part of the Mustang fan base, and it appears to be growing daily.

Of course, the accompanying visuals for the Mustang feature are always pleasing to the fellas’ eyes, as well.

We’ve actually showcased a few of the features here on Mustang Forums before, but it’s been a while. As a result, we figured we’d check out one of their more recent Mustang Girl Monday features. It certainly proved to be worthwhile.

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Meet Grace Victoria Williams and her recently purchased 2009 Mustang GT Premium convertible. Williams bought her Mustang back in August. She tells Mustang 360 that she’s always had a thing for Mustangs; a passion she picked up from her father, who owns a Cobra Jet. The two of them are planning on working on the car together in hopes of getting it up and running again.

In addition to the 2009 GT, Williams also owns a 2004 V6 New Edge, which was given to her by her stepdad.

“I’d owned it for three years, and that’s when I decided to get a GT,” she says.

To see more photos of Williams and her Mustang, be sure to check out her full “Mustang Girl Monday” feature, and then let us know what you think.

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