Mustang in Brilliant White Brings White Smoke to Hoonigans Burnyard

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The clouds may be fluffy, but there’s nothing soft about this Fox Body pony, powered by its stock 5.0-liter V8.

One of the joys of Mustang ownership is making the most of your pony’s abilities. Want to track it? You can. Take it out for a trip down the quarter-mile? Of course. Smoke the meats because you just want to? Oh yeah.

And smoke them Jon Waterfield did. He and his 1991 Mustang liftback made their first appearance at the Hoonigans Burnyard’s first-ever event in March at Irwindale Speedway in Irwindale, California, then made two more appearances plus a “Burnout Kings” submission, leading up to this day’s tire destruction.

“This is my ’91 Mustang Fox body,” said Waterfield. “It’s just a little ‘ol five-oh. It’s going to [have an LS] as soon as this thing kicks the bucket. Three-oh-six, 30-over, a little bit bored over. Got some aluminum AFR heads, equal-length headers, [makes] like 350 [horsepower].”

Waterfield’s white pony also has a custom-ground cam, though he has no idea what sort of cam it is other than knowing that “it lopes like a beast.” There’s an electric water pump to keep the Windsor cool while burning, and the whole affair is still attached to its T5 five-speed manual.

“For those of you that don’t know, The ‘Burnout Kings’ is a monthly competition that we do,” said Hoonigan Hertrech Eugene Jr., “where we asked you guys to do a burnout in a secluded, private area, somewhere safe. It’s something we used to do years ago when Hoonigan was in the early stages of a brand. But now, we’ve brought it back with Simple Tire.”

The new competition involves participants dropping a codeword during their burnout submission for tracking purposes. The Hoonigans choose the best burnout of the month, and award the winner $400 to spend with Simple Tire — as Waterfield did with the rears he has on his Mustang — “and a bunch of other sweet gifts.” And, in this case, an appearance at the Burnyard.

After warming up the Windsor, Waterfield engages the Mustang’s burnout mode (a second-gear start), then charges out onto the Burnyard to destroy those $400 tires with the ol’ Red, White & Blue flying high on the radio antenna. Fluffy clouds of white smoke fill the air, as do pieces of rubber, as he pumps the throttle ever so gently.

Eventually, the left rear flies apart, and the whole thing pops. As Waterfield says, “You can’t be ‘Burnout King’ and not take it to the rims.” And of course, he came prepared with eight more tires to destroy, including a pair wrapped over white Cobra wheels.

“The grand finale. Fresh tires on. The Mustang’s ready to rip,” Eugene Jr. says. “‘Danger’ Dan [Sommer]’s inside, and he is going to learn a thing or two about ridiculous-fast burnouts.”

And learn he does, as Waterfield roars back onto the Burnyard for more tire-smoking fun. Things get so crazy that he nearly clips the rear of his Mustang on one of the black containers in the Burnyard. And while his car survived that near-miss, the water pump springs a big leak toward the end of the big burnout.

“You did good, man,” Eugene Jr. says to Waterfield. “You won. You let us know that the stock motor, with a little bit of love, can surprise everybody. It sounds fantastic.”

Waterfield says he has plans to drift his Mustang at Circuit Spirit at Willow Springs in Ventura, California in the near future. If it can tear it up at the Burnyard, it can hang with the drifters, too.

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