Mustang Owner Arrested for Joyride at Churchill Downs

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Here’s a piece of advice friends – if you’re going to take your Mustang out for a joy ride, maybe one of the most prestigious horse tracks in the world isn’t the best place to do it. Seems pretty logical right? Well, apparently a 37-year-old Mustang owner in Louisville doesn’t think so, according to a USA Today report.

Benjamin S. Bratcher, who worked for a subcontractor putting new seats in at Churchill Downs, was arrested for causing more than $1,000 worth of damage after doing doughnuts on the Kentucky Derby track in his car.

The entire thing was seen by a Churchill employee and caught on video surveillance.

Bratcher’s response? He “did not believe he caused that much damage.” Hopefully, he’s got a pretty good savings because this joyride has likely cost him his job.

via [The Mustang Source]
Source [USA Today]

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