Mustang & Plymouth Mashup Makes Us Want to Bleach Our Eyes

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Ford Mustang Plymouth Mashup

SN95 Mustang and classic Plymouth combo is so bad we just want somebody to buy it and kill it with fire.

Some things in life go well together. Things like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cereal, and ice cream and pie. The same goes for the automotive world, where sometimes, mashups between two different models actually turn out great. But that cannot be said for this absolute abomination we came across in the Facebook Marketplace recently. This unholy combination of an SN95 Mustang and 1950 Plymouth is so bad that it probably should have come with a graphic content warning, in fact.

The majority of this car’s body is classic Plymouth, but almost looks like it tried to eat the Mustang. The front end of the Ford lies underneath the bulbous hood, and its taillights are grafted into the rear. Not one bit of it looks at all natural – more like the kind of botched surgery you see on trash TV. Perhaps even worse.

Ford Mustang Plymouth Mashup

If you can get past the exterior (and we can’t), the rest is pretty much all standard SN95 Mustang. That includes the full interior and drivetrain. The original 5.0 resides under the horrific hood, connected to an automatic transmission. Hop inside, and you might even think that you’re behind the wheel of a Mustang for a second. That is, until you peek out through the two-piece windshield.

Ford Mustang Plymouth Mashup

We’ve seen our fair share of old vehicles on modern underpinnings, but this was a terrible idea from the start. Our only hope is that someone buys it for less than the asking price of $5,500 and drives it off a cliff, or something. At least then future generations might be spared from its Medusa-like looks, and the unsettling nausea we suffered from them.

Photos by Jim Coon, Sr. 

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