Mustang Races to Death-Defying Jump in ‘Need for Speed’ Trailer

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Need for Speed Mustang

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If the latest teaser for the “Need for Speed” movie is any indication of the action shots we’re going to get of the Mustang featured in the flick – count us in.

Yup, we’ve been all over this movie since news first broke of the video game based action drama.  But can you blame us when a Mustang is the star among a fleet of fast cars such as a McLaren P1 and a Bugatti Veyron?

From high-speed road chases to a death defying jump from a cliff where the Mustang is saved by a helicopter, the Ford pony car gets a lot of star time in the new teaser for “Need for Speed” posted below.

If you’re pressed for time or could care less about the story line where actor Aaron Paul plays a guy seeking to avenge the death of a friend, go straight to the one-minute mark. That’s when the Mustang makes its grand entrance in this latest clip of the action-packed drama that hits theaters in March, 2014.


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